Delivering Value: The key to success

Andrew Leung
3 min readMar 29, 2022
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The ultimate key success when you start a business is to deliver value to the customer. This is important because all the financial successes such having a high net profit and rapid growth are all based on the ability to deliver value. Every customer is spending the dollars they earn or if you are a content driven business the time out of their day to use your product. This makes it essential for you as the business or content creator to deliver value to the consumer. Its not always easy to know how to deliver value to the customer, so here are 3 ways to deliver value:

  1. Deliver content and products that they need

Not every product you sell or create is relevant to every audience. For audiences where it is irrelevant or not appealing, you aren’t able to deliver value to them. Your resources are better used to reach a specific audience to maximize the use of your resources in delivering value. Ultimately every successful business fulfils some need for the user, whether its funny content to relax, informative content to learn, or pencil cases. Every single one of these things generated value for someone, and the more people that find value in what you make the more profit you will have.

2. Doing well instead of doing good

Its hard to be great at everything. Its easier to be good at many things. No better example exists than the restaurant industry. When you go to a restaurant there may be a menu with items numbering over 100 and there are some that serve fewer than 20 items. Usually the quality over the course of the different products from the 100 item menu is lower, and only a few of the things are truly good. What can we learn from this? Its better to do a few things very well, than to do ok at many things. As the creator or business, it is up to you to decide how to best allocate your resources. You don’t have an infinite amount of time and money, so it is best to focus them on the things you are really good at. Focusing on those will allow you to deliver a better product and that will lead to more clicks and more sales.

3. Solving Problems

Another way to think of value is to think of solving problems. Solving problems can be both a physical problem like a lack of a service or product that makes someone’s lives easier. Solving problems is the essential part of value because it demonstrates what you can do. It makes it easier to build a relationship that you and the other party can contribute to so that it is not one sided.

Value is important. We may not always think about the things we buy or do as delivering value. But the constant consistent driver of everything in the world is value. There’s a value for everything beyond the fiscal aspect, its what brings positivity or benefits to your life. If you are planning to start a business, never let the profits distract you from the ultimate goal of delivering value to your clients and that will lead you to the profits that you are looking for.

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