How to be a great executor

Andrew Leung
6 min readFeb 27, 2024
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When we talk about high performers of every industry and activity, we are generally referring to people who execute at a high level. These executors are really really good at getting things done. There are many aspects that come with being great, that are more than just skills. They are approaches and mindsets that allow someone to get more done at a scale, so when you examine how much they do in a day or a year; it far surpasses anyone else. So lets look at 10 ways that you can be a great executor.

  1. Purpose not busy

People who get more done than others recognize there is a difference between being busy and moving with purpose. If you with move with purpose everything is intentional to help you reach your goal. Steps are simplified and you calculate how you reach it. Being busy is just filling your day, with things. Those things are most likely not even relevant to what you are working towards, but its the outward appearance of looking busy. From a social stand point we look at busy as being the gold standard, but oftentimes those people don’t get as much done. Instead look to someone who is doing things with purpose. They are the ones who reach their long term goals and consistently reach the things they strive to do. You may find that there schedules are less packed, but its the quality of the time they are putting in.

2. Learn from mistakes

Many people dwell on the mistakes that they make, but mistakes are inevitable in life. If you don’t make mistakes then you aren’t challenging yourself or you just aren’t doing much. Mistakes help us learn by showing us what we need to do differently. When you learn form your mistakes it gives you perspective on how to avoid them, but it also helps you learn to be accountable so that you make the changes to ensure it never happens again.

3. Work very hard

Working hard and working long hours is another distinction that needs to be made between people who get things done and people who just look busy. People who are great executors know how to get a lot of work done in a single hour or block of time. Doing this prevents you from having to work many hours as you take a more focused approach, which can free up time to work on something else or to rest. Notice that if the person takes that time work on something else…



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