How to build great relationships

Andrew Leung
3 min readJun 3, 2024


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In my own personal life, I am getting married. I am very fortunate to have found someone I love very much and someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. This type of love, is something many people want. But life long love takes time and commitment to build a great relationship. Of course it helps when 2 people are coming from a strong mental and emotional foundation, although even during these instances growth and adjustments are going to need to happen. So here are 5 things you can do to help build a stronger romantic relationship.

  1. Understanding your partner isn’t going to stay the same in every aspect

In every relationship there are constants and there are aspects that will change overtime. The person you are with in Year 1 is likely to be different in Year 10. Age and other factors tend to be drivers of change. But it is also possible for change to arise from different personal tastes, some call it an evolution. Regardless, changes in hobbies and pastimes should be supported. A good example of this is if someone likes to play video games. As they age it may be harder for them, so one thing you can do to show support could be to build a set up that is more comfortable or easy on the eye. Things like this go a long way in building and maintaining a happy relationship.

2. Communication

Communication is the bedrock of every successful relationship. Strong communication skills help you both stay on the same page and work through conflict. Strong communication takes many forms. It includes communicating with the right channel. A text message is typically not the right form communication for a serious topic, a better form would be face to face. Even the time of day makes a difference. When you combine all of these aspects that is when you get great communication.

3. Disagree without insulting

Disagreement is inevitable in relationships. But the way you disagree is important and should reflect the fact that the you love each other. Insults and below the belt attacks should be never be used. Doing that only makes the situation worse. Both sides you listen to each other and understand the essence of what they want to say. Now you can explain and disagreement can continue. In these cases you need to find compromise and what level of an outcome you can both live with.

4. Be grateful

In a relationship it is important to be thankful for things the other person does. If you really think hard, you are bound to see many unspoken things the other person will do. Relationships are built by 2 people, it takes the investment of both for success. Many times the things we should be grateful for become normal after a long period of time. But just because it is the new normal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be grateful and thankful. Sometimes being thankful is doing something the other person needs values. And this doesn’t mean sex or sexual favors, that attaches a transactional value to it. Instead things like quality time are great ways to show gratitude.

5. Work on self improvement

Self improvement is important in every relationship. Working on yourself shows you care about being the best you can be. It’s an admirable trait that many look for. Self improvement is hard and takes self reflection and a critical eye. But if you are willing to do the work you can help yourself and others. You can even influence partners to do better.

Relationships are hard work. But they can be some of the most rewarding things you can do.



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