Is luck part of success?

Andrew Leung
3 min readNov 18, 2023
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Luck is the appearance of success or failure based on chance. The key word in this definition of luck is chance. Today, everyone is just as hungry for success as they were when humans first came into existence, our definition of success may have changed over time, but it doesn’t change our desire for it. In our pursuit of success we find ourselves looking at everything we can do to see if it is helping or hurting our ability to be successful. When it comes to success there are two perspectives that are taken. First hard work is the only predictor of success. The second, is that hard work gives us the opportunity to be lucky so that we can capitalize on them to be successful.

On a personal level I believe success is a product of both hard work and luck, as well as that hard work can be one of the most powerful separators of the successful and those who fail. So I want to share 3 areas that are entirely luck based that can have significant impacts on if you are successful or not.

  1. The era you were born in

The tools that people use to be successful change greatly over time. A person could be born in the middle ages and find that their gifts of technology are not as applicable as they are in the current era. For some there gifts may transcend time, but for others they won’t find the same level of success. The times you are born in also affect the social norms that guide your upbringing and that would completely affect your personality and outlook on life. This is one area you can’t control because you have no control over your birth.

2. Who are your parents

Parents play a pivotal role in raising a child. They instill the core values whether directly or indirectly into their children. They can nurture that natural traits and talents of their children. Or they can be cruel, abusive, or neglectful. No one knows which type of upbringing you will have. It is a much better outcome to be in a nurturing and caring household. But the reality is that you don’t get to choose your parents or the circumstances of life. Raising a child is a commitment made by parents, but it is often forgotten that parents have their own lives as well. They are children to someone else, and they have their own thoughts and feelings. Just as a child is going through transformative life events so to are the parents…



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