Lessons from Apple

Andrew Leung
2 min readNov 7, 2023
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Apple is one of the most successful technology companies in the world. It helped pioneer the smartphones that drive todays society and has their own ecosystem of products that people around the world love. Apple is universally recognized for their easy to use interface. As entrepreneurs and side hustlers there is a lot that we can learn from Apple. So here are 3 lessons of success you should take from Apple.

  1. Broad based appeal

Apple has a host of products that appeal to different types of people from smart phones to watches. Usually we see businesses that have more targeted demographics able to better capitalize on successes, but Apple relies on their ability to reach many consumers. This is important because not everyone is a tech enthusiast. Most people are casual users who care that the device they use works and is easy to use. Apple is well known for having an easy to use interface that translates across devices. So if you know how to use one device you essentially know how to use all of the devices.

2. Focus on the customer

Apple releases new versions of many products on a yearly basis, although some release every few years. Each new version typically will focus on a major customer concern. For example, during the period of time where Internet privacy was a concern, Apple focused on their data protection and marketed the Iphones protective abilities. Due to the increasing number of people using smartphones to record videos, they continually update the camera to provide more creative freedom. All of these are things the customer wants.

3. Be future-oriented

Apple is always focused on the future, as most tech companies are. Being future-focused is important for driving innovation and anticipating future needs of consumers. One of Apple’s core driving principles is the importance of innovation. Without a future-oriented approach those innovations don’t come to fruition. This approach also crosses over into other sectors of work. Never being satisfied with the status-quo, and always pushing forward is what gives industry leaders their big leads.

We can all learn from the most successful companies in the world, after all they are successful for many big reasons.



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