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Andrew Leung
4 min readFeb 25, 2024
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We all want to live the best day ever. We try to implement routines and improve ourselves, but sometimes we still continue to fall short of our goal to live our best day. What makes up your best day is going to vary from person to person, but also making the distinction of what makes the best day on a work day versus a weekend. So lets look at 5 ways that you can make your best day every day.

  1. Start with mood

A great day starts with a great mood. Your mood will set the tone for the rest of the day and influence how you see events in your life. The car that cut you off in traffic is going to irritate you a lot more if you are in a bad mood, compared to viewing it as a minor inconvenience for a good day. So this lead us to the question of how do we get ourselves in a good mood? For some people its music, its socialization, or food, but what it is will vary from person to person. Where you should start is figuring out what puts you in a good mood, and try to do those things throughout the day. Some people will say you should focus them in one part of the day. But I believe that spreading them out helps counteract events that could ruin your mood and give you things to look forward to. This gives you mini boosts throughout the day and can act as a great pick me up.

2. Embrace that bad or inconvenient things can happen

No day is going to be perfect in every respect. There are many things that we can’t control, just as we mentioned with the driver cutting us off in the previous section. That doesn’t mean we resign ourselves to bad things happening, but its about understanding that these things will and can happen. We control our response, it can bother us for the rest of the day or for the next few hours. Winning the day starts by winning the second and minutes that make up the hours that are in our day. You can lose a battle as long as you win the war. And that war is at the end of the day when you reflect on all of the activities and things that happen you are able to say it was a good day.

3. Get one major thing done

Getting stuff done is part of life, but we want to highlight the importance of getting one major thing done each day. We are looking for something that we can highlight and say YES we did THIS today. It can be professional or personal, even both. The…



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