Side Hustling: Animal Care and Healthcare

Andrew Leung
3 min readDec 4, 2022
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In the side hustle sector of healthcare both for animals and humans there are variety of side hustles that can earn you extra income. So lets look at 3 side hustles on the human side of health and 2 on the side of animal care to see how you can make income.

  1. Travel Nurse or Doctor

Traveling Nurses and Doctors can command higher salaries than their stationed counterparts. Plus they have the benefit of traveling and seeing many different parts of the world or country they live in, which could be a major benefit if you enjoy traveling. One thing to note is that you have to note is that not all medical fields are in demand, so depending on what your focus is, traveling may or may not be the best option.

2. Take on overtime or extra shifts

Like many other jobs Overtime or extra shifts are a great way to generate extra income if they are available to you. They are also great opportunities for you to demonstrate a strong work ethic that you can use to open doors for new opportunities. Just be mindful not to take on so much extra work that it impacts other aspects of your life or raises your stress level excessively.

3. Share the expereince

Take advantage of your healthcare experience by working as a caregiver in different facilities or create content around your experience. As a healthcare expert you would be able to take on side work in elder care or child care through babysitting. Then you could take the work that you do to teach the relatives of the elderly or child first aid or other health related topics. If you are looking for something more passive, create content around healthcare. There are many ways you could do this ranging from Instagram Shorts, YouTube, and Tik Tok. These are all ways for you to create content that takes advantage of your expertise and can earn you income.

4. Animal Care

If you are good at taking care of pets, in areas such as grooming. For dogs especially a great way for you to make some side hustle income is to groom dogs. Grooming is a great way for you to take advantage of animal care if you know how to bathe and groom dogs as well as being able to do things like express glands. Keep in mind operational costs such as the cost of shampoos…

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