Talent in business

Andrew Leung
3 min readFeb 23, 2024
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Business is a broad spectrum of activities that come together to create a successful operation. Unlike sports where talent can be more defined its harder to describe what exactly talent is in business even though we hear the buzzword very frequently. This is important for job seekers, managers, and entrepreneurs to understand so that you have the best possible people working with or for you. So lets look at the 4 aspects of business talent.

  1. Skills

The skills you have as a person play a big role in the type of talent that you have. These include both technical and interpersonal skills. The more skills you have the more versatile you are. This is important because the business environment can change very quickly over time making the ability to adapt very important. There are many ways that you can build your skills from taking courses to furthering your education. You can even learn from job shadowing. Regardless, if you are looking to build a base of business talent, look for broad skill sets that can be applied anywhere and add core skills. A good example of this would be building communication skills and focusing on data analytics. This gives you a good base of being able to communicate what you know to a broad audience. Then you can take this concept to other areas as you change careers or working situations.

2. High performance

Unlike sports, where you can make larger assumptions on where someone can grow or develop into, business looks for examples of high performance. High performance is something that follows you no matter where you go. It is very much a success leads to success. When building yourself into a high performer, think about learning from mistakes as not everything is going to be successful every time. Consider exposing yourself to a broad array of projects where you can expand your skills both to specialize and do the work of several people. Its important that the higher your skill the more you can demand both in salary and sales if you are running a business. High performance also means being able to perform well no matter what circumstances there are. So make sure you allow yourself time to grow and build skills that will allow you to succeed in every situation.

3. Capability



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